Please note: some of our products such as Booklets, Books, and DVD’s are only available to Cecchetti Council of America members. However, CD’s can be purchased by non-members.

Cecchetti educational materials are for CCA members for use in training students and teachers in the Cecchetti Method. The set prices must not be increased for any reason.

The cecchetti manual and advanced allegro manual can be purchased directly through the ISTD at the following link

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For International orders (outside the United States) please email Marcia Smith Olds, [email protected], with your order and she will give you the exact total of your order.  Once the total amount is received you  may pay your balance at the link below.

CCA Miscellaneous Payment Form

Please allow 7-14 days after the order was placed for delivery. If not received in 14 days please contact Marcia Smith Olds at [email protected]
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Offline Orders

If you prefer, you can order products offline. Please download one of the following forms and mail it to “Marcia Smith Olds, CCA Librarian” with a check. The full mailing details are included on order forms.