Julia Kelley

My name is Julia Kelley and I am currently a senior vocal performance major at The Rome School of Music, Drama, and Art at Catholic University in Washington DC.

I had the privilege of taking ballet class at Les Cher from 2004-2017. Les Cher became my place of relaxation, exercise and time where I could take a breath and enjoy something I love during my chaotic schedule. I learned about balance, strength, poise, discipline and the beauty of the arts while going all the way through Primary and Grade 1 to Intermediate and Pointe. I would like to thank and owe my dance experience to my teachers: Ms. Parreco, Ms. Dowsley, and Ms. Kelly for pushing me to become a strong dancer and supporting me throughout my career in music.

Marianna Brasell

My name is Marianna Brassell and I studied the Cecchetti Ballet Method at the Dance Centre of Northwest Ohio under the training of Melissa Noe for 6 years. I was interested in ballet from a young age and my mother always says I could dance before I could walk, it was simply part of who I was. It became a large part of my life as I studied every style of dance available, became captain of my high school dance team, and dance captain of our theatre program which required excellent time management. The opportunity to participate in Cecchetti student exams was the perfect way to prepare me for the rigor of higher education exams. I will never forget my experience as I was performing alone in a room of judges who were periodically testing my knowledge of the discipline. It was one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences I have ever had. Completing my student Professional Elementary exam gave me the confidence as both a dancer and as a student that with the right guidance, I am capable of achieving whatever I put my heart into. Applying the skills of hard work and perseverance I gained through the Cecchetti method, I was accepted into my dream doctoral program for Occupational Therapy at the University of Toledo. I want to thank my teacher Melissa Noe for encouraging me that although something may be difficult, it is never impossible.