Maxine Debruyn

It is with great sadness that we share with you the news of the passing of Maxine DeBruyn. Anyone closely related to the CCA International Summer School and Teacher Seminar appreciates the amazing working relationship, respect, and friendship the CCA shared with Maxine.

Anyone attending the Teacher Reception at Maxine’s beautiful “piece of paradise” will remember her lovely hospitality, the refreshing walks in the surf, and the awe-inspired sunsets shared by all. There was not a day or a meal that Maxine wasn’t seen walking through the cafeteria with her sunshine smile and upbeat persona to share with us all. Maxine has positively touched the hearts of all who had the great pleasure to know her. She will be missed deeply and respectfully.


You are invited to visit Maxine’s Facebook page and please feel free to post your thoughts, memories, stories as they relate to this inspiring dancer, teacher, historian.