Teachers and Students Welcome

The Southwest Committee of Cecchetti hosts bi-annual Seminars for Teachers and Students. Each is wonderful
educational arm for further development of you as the teacher and your ballet students. Currently, our Seminars are
held each Spring and Fall.

For over 40 years the SWCCA has been organizing twice-yearly weekend-long seminar classes for teachers and
workshop classes for students. The teachers’ classes serve as syllabus refreshers. You will have the opportunity
to both take class, and observe. Member Teachers may also volunteer to teach. The students’ classes introduce
them to ballet students from our Council. Many of whom they will then grow up through the levels with, creating a
sense of family and comradery. Professional faculty of national and international caliber, students from other local
Cecchetti studios, and scholarship classes are additional perks of attending. We strongly encourage our students to
attend whenever possible. The events are held at local University or Studios within our Council Members.
The full conference for students and teachers is held on both Saturday and Sunday, with drop-off around 8:45 and
classes from 9:00 a.m. to roughly 4:30 p.m. Each day features many dance classes including ballet and at least 1
off syllabus class and 1 off genre class. Teachers are invited to attend any and all student classes as well as
Teacher specific classes. Parents wishing to attend the closing ceremonies should plan on arriving around 3pm on
Sunday. For this final gathering students will perform ballet as well as the off genre discipline, we will also hand out
awarded scholarships and honorable mentions.