The Summer School and competition was held in Manchester, U.K. at the Quays Theatre, The Lowry. Forty four dancers from nine countries competed. CCA presented three competitors, Jenny Bobo (sponsor Betty Mitchell), Hailee Karam (sponsor Monique Sgro), and Tessa Peterson (sponsor Karen Alwin). Two of the three competitors were part of the eighteen finalists. Hailee Karam won the Musicality Award. Tessa Peterson won the Kate Simmons Scholarship (one year’s tuition to KS Dance LTD. The Maestro Cecchetti Award was won by Asleigh McKimmer of Australia. The Contemporary Award was won by Chelsea Cambron of Cecchetti USA. The Most Promising Dancer Award was won by Jesse Milligan of the U.K. The Audience Choice Award was won by Sara Mambelli of Italy.

Additional scholarships were awarded. The School of Alberta Ballet awarded one year of tuition to Melissa Eguchi of Cecchetti USA. The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland gave tuition to their 2012 Summer School to two dancers: Alessandro Caggegi of the U.K. and Rerika Kono of Japan. The Australian Ballet gave one week tuition to Lloyd Petchey of the U.K.

CCA teachers in attendance were Terry Butkovich, Denise Gilman, Susan Howard, Karen Keith, Betty Mitchell (coach), Monique Sgro (coach) and CICB delegates Lee Ann King, and Ann Parsley.

Summer School faculty consisted of Emma Briggs, Eric Carpenter, Simone Clarke, Cara Drower, Conchita del Campo, Liz Hewson, Michele de Molfeta, Richard Glasstone, Vincent Hantam, Peter Parker, Jonathan Payn, Kate Simmons, Sharon Watson, and Anita Young.

Classical and Contemporary adjudicators were Mark Baldwin, Fancesca Filpi, Richard Glasstone, Matthew Hawkins, Brenda Last, David Lloyd, Errol Pickford, Tracy Tinker, and Anita Young.

In attendance were many distinguished teachers such as Linda Davies, Gillian Dawson, Mary Jane Duckworth, Jeremy Kerridge, Nancy and Murray Kilgour, Gillian Hurst, and Diane van Schoor.

Following the competition, the CICB Conference was held July 31 – Aug 2 at Storrs Hall, U.K. Delegates in attendance were:

  • Chair – Betty Seibert
  • Cecchetti Ballet Australia – Carole Hall
  • Cecchetti Council of America – Lee Ann King, Ann Parsley
  • Cecchetti Society of Canada – Sheila Kennedy, Joyce Shietze
  • Cecchetti Society of Southern Africa – Yvonne Barker, Gail Myburgh
  • Cecchetti Society U.K. – Elisabeth Swan, Maureen Christie
  • Cecchetti USA – Denise Rinaldi
  • Individual Founding Members in attendance were:
  • Robina Beard, Mary Jane Duckworth, Richard Glasstone, Diane van Schoor

It was reiterated that CICB is not an organization that certifies teachers. Members wishing to indicate their membership in CICB should put their accreditation after their name followed by a comma and the letters CICB.

It was encouraged that member organizations put “Member Cecchetti International Classical Ballet” on their advertising. It was stated that individual members could put “Member Cecchetti International Classical Ballet” on their individual advertising. (For CCA, that would be for those members who hold Intermediate or above.)

The next competition will be hosted in 2014 by Cecchetti USA. The 2012 – 2014 officers were elected

  • Chair – Betty Seibert, Cecchetti USA
  • Vice Chair – Ann Parsley, Cecchetti Council of America
  • Secretary – Denise Rinaldi, Cecchetti USA
  • Treasurer – Joyce Shietze, Cecchetti Society of Canada